The Asaba Place

Meet your host

Say hello to the founder and owner of "The Asaba Place", Alva Clemons.

Alva realized the benefits of Yoga while working as a public school administrator. Yoga helped to relieve her daily work stressors and created a calmness she describes as a much needed peace within. She immersed herself in Hot Yoga and became physically and mentally stronger. While earning her 200-hour yoga teacher training, she opened a yoga studio. After six years of working, teaching, managing and operating, she saw fit to close the studio and purchased the perfect 5 acre property for a different type of expansion. Here is a place where she could truly offer to those who needed a sense of peace, self-worth and an opportunity to transform their mind and body. 

Her journey has led us here to the oasis of tranquility she so lovingly named, The Asaba Place.

Alva Clemons

Common questions

Most of our classes are for practitioners of all skill levels. Just inform the instructor that you are new to yoga and we’ll do our best to make the experience a positive one for you.  Our classes will allow you to learn alignment as well as the language, all while gaining strength and flexibility. When starting something for the first time you should take precautions, listen to your body and have fun!

Please bring your own mat. Due to Covid-19, we no longer share mats. Bring water, a towel and a smile! 

If you are presented with a challenging pose you can ask the instructor for a modification if one is not offered. Yoga is about you and your body, not what everyone else in the class is doing. Yoga is not meant to be competitive, so nurture your body and give it what it needs. If you feel uncomfortable asking during class, feel free to approach the instructor after class so you’ll know how to modify for next time. Never force yourself in to a pose that doesn’t feel right to you.

Studio Etiquette
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class time. Class will start and end on time. The door is locked at the start of class. Arriving early allows you time to get settled, meditate, focus on your breath or practice a pose.
  • Please wear appropriate and comfortable clothes. Avoid heavily scented hygiene products.
  • Keep your voice level down in respect for those who may be using the time before class to meditate.
  • Make sure to check-in with the instructor who is typically behind the front desk.
  • Tell the instructor if you have any injuries or concerns.
  • Leave any belongings that are not used for yoga in a cubby. We want to keep the studio safe and distraction free. We lock the doors at the start of class to ensure your belongings stay safe.
  • Please do not wear shoes or socks when entering the sanctuary.
  • Don’t forget that yoga is about practicing with love and without judgement. Be happy to practice where ever you are right now. We are not here to compete with each other or judge one another. Do not let your ego get in the way of a safe and enjoyable practice.
  • Send out only good and positive energy.
  • Be aware of your space and where your neighbors are.
  • Follow the teachers instruction but feel free to modify as needed.
  • Please be sure to clean up your area by returning blocks, bolsters, etc. to their proper location.
  • Remove your belongings from the cubby.
  • If you used a towel provided by TYL, please place it on the shelf below where you found it.
Call On Us

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about The Asaba Place. Call us at (404) 754-4137.

Want a great date night idea?

Couples Retreat

We’ve got an amazing idea for you and your special someone. Why not impress them with a Couples Retreat at The Asaba Place? Spend an intimate afternoon, or evening, moving together in a private couples yoga session. Then top it off with a 20 minute sauna. You’ll impress and feel great!