Couples Retreat

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Strengthen the core of your relationship while improving communication and trust with your significant other. Move and breathe with your partner to create a deeper bond that only the two of you can share. Learn to explore strengths and weaknesses together and be your partners support when and where they need it most. Experience a totally new “us” in this private couples yoga session. After class, enjoy a 15-30 minute sauna session with your mate at your desired temperature up to 125 degrees F. Ending the session pretty steamy! Price is $95 per couple for a limited time, so take advantage of the 50% savings! Instructor will contact you to set up time.


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Want a great date night idea?

Couples Retreat

We’ve got an amazing idea for you and your special someone. Why not impress them with a Couples Retreat at The Asaba Place? Spend an intimate afternoon, or evening, moving together in a private couples yoga session. Then top it off with a 20 minute sauna. You’ll impress and feel great!